Strategy & Execution

Strategy and Execution

  • Create Powerful Plans. Keeping strategy creation practical, focused and agile.

  • Align and Empower. Empower people through engagement and empower them by using collaboration tools.

  • EXECUTE; Collaborate, Measure & Report with Ease. Manage execution with ownership and accountability.

Create Powerful Plans

Create Powerful Plans.  Keeping strategy creation practical, focused and agile.  We begin by collaborating with you and or your team to outline the planning process, a process we can scale to meet the needs of major corporations, 3000 person organizations, new ventures, small businesses and the solo-preneur.  
We can facilitate your strategic planning off-sites and add new levels of interaction, practical analysis, innovative thinking and commitment to plans.   Here are just some of the elements we discuss and build into your planning process.
We work with you to develop a process that helps you:

Determine Position. The internal and external analysis that allows you to determine where and how you are.

  • Define Core Strategic Issues
  • Internal & External Analysis; SWOT, SOAR, etc.
  • Customer / Market Segmentation, Competitive Analysis

Develop Strategies. A solid core purpose and desired future positioning clarify where you are going and expectations.

  • Mission / Hedgehog
  • Values
  • Competitive Advantage / Strategic Position
  • Vision / BHAG
  • Organizational Wide Strategies / Balanced ScoreCard
  • Strategic Objectives.

Set Up Goals. A balanced framework of goals, measures and targets outlines the plan for how you will succeed.

  • Organizational goals
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Goal Deployment & Implementation approach; Hoshin, Cascading Objectives, etc.

Align & Empower

Align & Empower. Connect people to your strategy with collaboration tools that help you cascade goals, align & communicate expectations to multiple teams and departments.

  • Simplified alignment: Cascading goals quickly create alignment from executive strategies to manager goals to team member action items.

  • S.M.A.R.T. goal writing: Our system helps you write goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, time specific and assign responsibility.

  • All-in-one planning systems: Access multiple department and team strategic plans from one central location.

  • Automated email alerts: Stay up-to-date with any plan changes, updates or reminders directly in your inbox.

  • Activity feed: Increase team engagement with our activity feed so you can engage and monitor changes, additions and completions.

  • One-page strategic plan: Communicate your strategic plan simply and easily with your visually appealing one-page strategic plan.

Execute, Measure & Report with Ease

Execute Measure & Report with Ease. Manage execution with ownership and accountability. Use a system to monitor progress and sync daily decisions making with long-term focus.

  • Real-time progress reporting: See how department, team and individual contributions are supporting executing the strategy.

  • Performance Scorecard: Monitor departments’, teams’ and individuals’ performance with individual scorecards.

  • Monthly or quarterly review reporting: Track key performance indicators for monthly, quarterly and YTD performance reviews.

  • Visual Performance Dashboard: View real-time relational performance measurements tied to your strategy and the effectiveness of execution.