Culture & Engagement

Culture and Engagement

  • Assessments & Tools. Create a baseline, assess and continually monitor transformation.

  • Workshops, Training & Education. Dynamic, interactive workshops that lead to concrete strategies and actions.

  • Consulting & Planned Change Programs. Partnering with you to understand and align your culture with your strategy / business environment.

Assessments & Tools

Use our simple and powerful surveys, assessments and tools make measuring, discussing, improving and changing your organization’s culture, climate and employee engagement levels.

  • LEAD Competing Values Assessment
  • LEAD High Performance Climate Survey
  • Dennison Culture Survey
  • Engagement & Energy Survey


Workshops, Training & Education

Our workshops and training help participants interactively explore and define their work culture, assessing the strengths and limitations of how things are done.  We have half and full day workshops as well as a more intensive “culture kaizen / workout” which results in robust organizational culture analysis and holistic transformation planning.

Kaizen is a methodology that teaches leaders and members how to "see" and grasp nonintuitive and unspoken culture change opportunities.

- Process flows - Time-value maps
- Value stream maps - Seven forms of waste
- Five S's

Culture Change Workshop

Consulting & Planned Change Programs

Our consulting work helps leaders  and organizations that have realized they are at a tipping point, a point where the “old” ways of doing things will no longer serve them, a point where significant cultural/climate/engagement change must occur.  If your organization must change (preparing for Growth, Transformation, Decline, Reorganization or Merger), then our consulting and planned change can give you the expertise, tools and process to navigate successful transformational change.